The start of a new chapter: don’t we all love a fresh start? Even though it’s questionable if our lives will ever become actual chapters, sometimes we just need to leave things in the past and turn over a new leave. And that’s totally fine, because you are the writer of your story. Your only job is to make it a hella good one. So that’s what I’m going to do: I am going to start a new chapter on Lil Adeeba today.

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Moon walk with myself

My soul is my moon and my moonlight too.

I have chosen it to be my flower garden and the essence of posies too.
I have come long way, eager to find my secret self without shoes or shawl.
My unicorn stays by my side not failing to radiate my purity.
It nourishes me and makes me laugh as I fly into the galaxies so high.
The starry night whispers to me the sovereignty to dust turquoise glitters all over the sky.

Tuesday 2:01 AM/ The 6th September 2016


  • Hey girlies! I am sorry for being so inactive but its been very hectic lately and as I have mentioned before it is all the pre clinical work that keeps me on my right foot all these days. I am unbelievably doing all the prosthodontics & conservative work all this while.
    Anyhow lets stop with the cribbing and start the post with the hope that you enjoy reading

  • So in todays's post I wanted to share with you my 'Beauty Favourites.' I'm combining few of my snap chat stories from last month too in this post as many of you all had requested review on few of the beauty products that you have been seeing on my stories.


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