Go toward the light

Thousand candles can be lit from a single candle.Happiness never decreases by being shared.

It seems to me that the perception of everyone is that the one holding the flame will be tilting it toward the others, therefore they perceive the life of that candle will be greatly shortened as the result of the tilting process. Continue reading

Happy land

The sun was shining bright
It was a cold December morning
She wore her most beautiful red gown and walked into the meadows..
With hair golden curled long hair tied in a ponytail
It was as if she accompanied natures beauty with her bright mesmerising face
She was brighter than the sunshine just like the pearls in the ocean
I went to find her..
But she was nowhere
The woods seemed so dull without her but her fragrance was scented all over
She was a pinch of magic
She was surreal just like a daydream

🌸Adeeba Naqvi🌸

A new beginning

Writing through the fog.
Will paint the happy times with sunshine.
And sorrow will be dealt wondrously with a positive hope,for every dark night,there comes a brighter day.
Will pour out my humor and eventually you will get familiar to my personality.

Well hello I’m Adeeba & an aspiring doctor.
I love to ink the blank pages with positive subjects. I also happen to be an enthusiast of literature.

So join me and let us write a new story of our life and make this journey beautiful and the magic of each chapter enthral us.

Adeeba Naqvi