Done Reaching? Settle


Often I think to myself, while escaping from where you are, you unconsciously get trapped in a place from where you would want to escape, later. From one bubble that pops, another takes shape. You shift from bubble to bubble, from street to street, not only rediscovering what’s discovered but discovering what’s undiscovered.

Life? It gives you a fair prospect to go through situations that may leave a ceaseless impact on your mind. Changing perspectives, deciding paths, manipulating decisions, dreaming realities, making you reach something or ‘someone’, making you ‘need’ what you ‘want’, it makes you float like an undecided kite.

They say, ‘there’s a solution to every problem’, but they forget that there is also a problem to every solution. When life gives you chances, where you struggle, marching towards your pre-planned goals, thinking about a premature victory you forget that there is a flip side to every coin. You forget that every coin gets rusty.

The easiest destruction is the destruction of one’s mind, ‘words’ being the biggest weapon. Once destructed, once tired of reaching, a human mind decides to settle. That settling is not called giving up, that settling is called staying content with what one’s destiny determines. Like raindrops trying to reach the ground, and settling on one’s window.

Just like that one raindrop, I’ve also stopped trying to reach the ground. I’ve settled myself on a window, waiting for destiny to dry me out.

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