• Hey girlies! I am sorry for being so inactive but its been very hectic lately and as I have mentioned before it is all the pre clinical work that keeps me on my right foot all these days. I am unbelievably doing all the prosthodontics & conservative work all this while.
    Anyhow lets stop with the cribbing and start the post with the hope that you enjoy reading

  • So in todays's post I wanted to share with you my 'Beauty Favourites.' I'm combining few of my snap chat stories from last month too in this post as many of you all had requested review on few of the beauty products that you have been seeing on my stories.





These are not even 1/4th of the lipsticks I have. I have some weird obsession for lipsticks. Whenever I leave my home for whatever may be the reason, I always end up coming home with a new lipstick. Lately I’ve been poured with so many questions on snapchat & for reviewing my favourite lipstick. My most favourite lipstick is reviewed below.



MAC describes it as Bright Pink shade. I second by MAC description about the color, this is the brightest shade of pink I have in my stash and wore on my lips. The color in my words is Neon Pink with blue tones. I must say that this shade is not for faint hearted or shy people. This is a complete attention seeking shade. I love bold and unique shades like this.

This has a matte finish, your lips should be in a really good condition otherwise it can make things ugly! This is a difficult shade, as it can show any improperness of your lips like dry bits, flakiness or fines lines. Yess it does settle into fine lines, but doesn’t make them look prominent. Make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized. It is creamy when applied directly from bullet and after a few minutes it settles into a matte finish. It does not pull or tug on the lips. Its a quite hydrating matte lipstick. Due to the matte finish, a single swipe gets you opaque coverage on your lips as its a very pigmented color.

I would suggest you to apply a clear lip balm first then line your lips with a nude shade of lip liner and use a lip brush while applying, as that way you can control the intensity.

About the staying power, Mac MATTE Lipsticks need no introduction. It stays for around 6-7 hours on my lips, survives full Indian meals and my 5 scoops of ice-cream.

Swatch of Candy yum yum on my hand.

Swatch of Candy yum yum on my hand.

CYY is priced around 1100 INR & I suggest you buying it from the MAC stores in India as the official site of M.AC doesn’t ship here.



The first thing that will catch the attention of every lady is its chocolate fragrance, its so attractive and one feels like eating it right away.
The colours in this palette are very versatile specially my favourite is licorice and one can create different looks using all these shades. One thing that disappoints me is that some of the shades are not well pigmented and some are not easily noticeable like the Truffled. I would prefer the naked palettes. But some of the shades in this palette are extremely gorgeous and pull me towards using this palette. Chocolate bar costs you 3200 INR.




Reviewing my two most favourite blushes.



I have repurchased this blush thrice. I love the color, it’s so gorgeous, and really is universally flattering like all the hype says. My one caveat is that it is a bit shimmery. I wish they’d make a matte version. Overall it’s worth my three repurchasing. It will cost you around 1900 INR.


Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose is described as a duo of pinks. It’s a light-medium, muted pink with subtle, neutral-to-warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. It seems to have less sheen than a satin, but it’s not quite matte once it is blended and buffed on the skin.

The texture is finely-milled, but it’s also a little firm, particularly in comparison to Chanel’s blushes and cheek products. It had decent to good, somewhat buildable pigmentation, though it is a subtler shade. I would also recommend using a smaller blush brush, as a larger one didn’t seem to swirl quite as well in the pan, so it applied the colors unevenly. On me, the blush lasted for seven and a half hours before fading. I was surprised to see it only contained 0.10 oz,whereas a regular blush contains 0.21 oz,though the compact itself is the same size as the Joues Contraste blushes. Overall I love it. It will cost you around 3600 INR.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed doing this post for you dolls.

Until next time xx don’t forget to send in your feeds.


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