The start of a new chapter: don’t we all love a fresh start? Even though it’s questionable if our lives will ever become actual chapters, sometimes we just need to leave things in the past and turn over a new leave. And that’s totally fine, because you are the writer of your story. Your only job is to make it a hella good one. So that’s what I’m going to do: I am going to start a new chapter on Lil Adeeba today.

“What you feel inside reflects on your face.”

For those of you that don’t know, I completed my dental school in fall of 2018 and currently doing the internship.
(read this if you want to know more Click).To keep things rather short, I feel so positive and beautiful. Things are just falling into place as I am used to. It is like I am trying to solve a puzzle, and the puzzle pieces fit everytime I start getting somewhere. I find it joyful to accept the events happening to me. However, now that I finally acknowledged these changes, I felt like I could finally start being myself again (or slowly figuring out what my actual self consisted of). My life completely reshuffled again – but this time in a good way. I feel like I’m in such a good, happy place right now alhamdulillah, that nothing can stop me from smiling (Mashallah). However, the strongest emotion I feel currently is not happiness, but gratitude. I feel so grateful for feeling so genuinely happy right now.
Although I am definitely a believer in the law of attraction – thinking positively is key – I want to add a big fat sidenote to it as well. Life isn’t always positive, and we shouldn’t strive for a completely positive life either. Instead, life is about balance. Accepting and appreciating both the good and the bad is the actual thing we should strive for. Also I will share something very beautiful regarding my life with you very soon. Well, one of the reason why I feel so fortunate and grateful, is because I’ve experienced the opposite of these feelings for weeks as well. For example when I was in dental school I was under academic pressure and was so busy in pulling all nighters that I forgot even I could feel the joy and butterflies whilst sleeping with my mamma back and bringing in new year without any academic worries back in my head again. Without these experiences I had previously, I would never be so happy as, for example, a student that realizes it’s the first day of Summer vacation, and they still have a lot of days left to do all the things they want to do, but couldn’t do during uni life (but they probably end up doing nothing, which is perfectly acceptable). Conclusion: hard at work experiences are essential to appreciate the positive ones. Instead of only trying to be positive, strive to find balance.


So with this personal positive change, I also feel like it’s time to change Lil Adeeba. I’ve been actually thinking about turning the tables with my blog for a while now, but today is the right moment. So what can you expect?
• A new and improved layout. I felt like it was time to update my layout to something new. I am completely obsessed with how it came out, and I hope you love it too!
• More personal, philosophical articles. I always get an overwhelmingly positive response from you guys, every time I post a more personal, ‘risky’ blogpost. Although it feels scary sometimes, it honestly does not compete with the feeling I get when true sharing my stories, I am able to help and inspire others. Also, I feel like my true skills and passion for writing are mostly found whenever I am writing a more personal piece.
• Better quality Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Work/Clinics & Travel content. Yes, those are a lot of categories, but it’s honestly all things I am very passionate about. I want to keep improving my content with better writing, better photos and just more creativity and inspiration. I already have some great ideas. I am so excited for this, and I hope you are too.

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