Postcard from the Past.

«‎ السلام علیک یا شمس الشموس امام رضا ع 🕊

Looking at your gold studded Shrine.
Shining full of noor & mercy.
There have been infinite wishes of the heart, which are granted here.
No one goes home empty handed, but with inner peace from your dome – Ya Shahe Khorasan.
You blessed me way more than I deserved.
I felt so lucky when my eyes first saw the illuminating sight of You Oh Imam Reza (a.s).
Walking to this beauty was as if I have been here all my life – Ya Rab 🕊
In that moment my heart felt deep affinity that did penetrate the screen of light within my soul & arrived at the core of Magnificence.
& my soul still hang to the majesty of your Holiness.
Reminiscing each detail of You – Oh Son of all suns, with an ache in my soul & eagerness in my lungs to meet you again, Inshallah.

  • Dr.Adeeba Ali Naqvi🇮🇷

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