What is your name?

Adeeba Ali Naqvi.

What do you do?

I am a Dental Surgeon.

Where are you from?


What made you start a blog?

My love for fashion.
From a young age, I’ve had a natural flair for fashion. I’ve always been interested in different types of clothing and styling unique pieces together. I believe confidence comes from within, but when you’re rocking a fierce outfit, nothing can beat that feeling of knowing you look like the business. So after having an Instagram account and doing the odd OOTD post, I started to get more and more questions about my personal style. So here I am, finally doing something which I LOVE.

Growing up, I would always watch my mumma do her makeup, then when she wasn’t there I would sneak in and try to imitate her. This I guess, is where my love for makeup began and over the years became a passion. Another thing which fascinated me about my mumma was her amazing skin. As the years progressed, this is something I became interested in.

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